Month: January 2015

ZeusHash Offers Up To 30% Off Bitcoin Cloud Mining Batch II And Launches Extensive Cryptocurrency E-Commerce Platforms

Bitcoin Press Release: With over 90 000 customers worldwide, cloud hashing platform ZeusHash is pleased to announce a new batch of Bitcoin cloud mining contracts with up to 30% price drop and 15% cut in maintenance fees. Up to 20% discounts are offered for existing customers. Zeus’s cryptocurrency e-commerce platforms Crazy Wednesday and are Read More

Real Scientific Breakthroughs Made By Prime Number Based Cryptocurrency Gapcoin Runner-Up To Popular Primecoin

Primecoin alternative and competitor Gapcoin (GAP) is a new prime number based peer-to-peer cryptocurrency. Gapcoin has already in it’s first 4 month of existence broken 544 records of first known occurrences in prime gaps. If the Gapcoin mining difficulty reaches 35.4245, every block will be a new prime gap world record. Prime gap records found Read More

Bitcoin Alternative HYPER Announces Anonymous Mobile Accessible Web Wallet With Staking And Many More Cryptocurrency Gaming Competitions

Bitcoin Press Release: Gaming cryptocurrency HYPER is pleased to announce the world’s first mobile accessible staking web wallet with fully anonymous and obfuscated transactions to be released in alpha shortly. Free HYPER is being offered to web wallet testers as well as gamers who compete in Counter-Strike, CS:GO, Rust, StarMade and more. Essentially, HYPER is Read More

Bitcoin Alternative DNotes Celebrates As One Of The First Long Term Alternative Cryptocurrencies

With savings plans and several innovative initiatives long term cryptocurrency DNotes continues to celebrate progress made in 2014 with scheduled roll-outs of many more Cryptocurrency Investment Savings Plans (CR.I.S.P) using newly launched DNotesVault. Established US based cryptocurrency DNotes has had a productive year in the cryptocurrency space with a number of unique forward thinking projects. Read More

New Cryptocurrency iPhone And Android App SendChat Allows Users To Send Bitcoin, DOGE, DRK And Sendcoin With Ease

Bitcoin Press Release: New fully transparent start-up SendChat – supported by the same team that is behind Sendcoin – is preparing to launch a unique cryptocurrency messenger app that will allow users to send and receive cryptocurrencies effortlessly parallel to messaging. The release is due after an initial crowdfunding period held by blockchain crowd-funding and Read More

Internet of Coins Releases Whitepaper For Infrastructure To Connect Entire Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Ecosystem

Bitcoin Press Release: Newly founded organization Internet of Coins is developing an infrastructure supporting inter-blockchain transactions between different cryptocurrencies. Internet of Coins strives to create a decentralized, self-sustaining economy by implementing intersystemic connectivity sustained by a hybrid P2P meta-network. The system will help to leverage each of its participant’s strength in numbers hence supporting both Read More

NXT Monetary System Infrastructure Allows Creation of New Cryptocurrencies On NXT Blockchain

Bitcoin Press Release: NXT’s long-awaited Monetary System – an innovative platform that allows the fast and straightforward creation of completely new cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin on top of NXT – will go live on 10 January 2015. The NXT Monetary System (MS) allows users to launch new currencies like Bitcoin, securing them with the NXT blockchain Read More

SilentVault’s Anonymous Bitcoin Multi-Asset Wallet & Exchange Platform Welcomes New Operations Lead Seamus O’Pearse

Bitcoin Press Release: Anonymous peer-to-peer instant Bitcoin wallet and exchange platform SilentVault has a new Operations Lead Seamus O’Pearse. SilentVault’s anonymous peer-to-peer, multi-asset Bitcoin wallet and exchange platform uses sophisticated technology to enable anonymous communication and secure off-blockchain transactions for Bitcoin and Litecoin. The company is now announcing a change in personnel with the the Read More

SpaceBIT Introduces First Ever Space Banking Program For Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Press Release: London, January 4, 2015 — SpaceBIT, the first decentralized space company, is pleased to announce the unprecedented space banking project for digital currencies. The company is set to launch a constellation of nano-satellites that will act not only as depositories for digital cash, but also as a platform to provide global and Read More