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India’s Supreme Court Pushes the Government to Regulate Bitcoin

[…] The post India’s Supreme Court Pushes the Government to Regulate Bitcoin appeared first on CryptoCoinsNews. Source: BitIndia news feed Read More

After Bullish Run, Bitcoin’s Price looks to Reach New Highs by Year-end

Bitcoin, the world’s largest and most well-known cryptocurrency, is well on its way to cross the $10,000 milestone before Christmas if its current growth is anything to go by. The digital currency has seen a great deal of success within 2017, having crossed the $1000 price point in January. This year has been the biggest Read More

Government Cryptocurrencies Won’t be Able to Compete With Bitcoin, Here’s Why

Governments are attempting to recreate the success of bitcoin and decentralized cryptocurrencies like Ethereum with the development of permissioned ledgers and state-owned digital currencies. Unfortunately, for governments, centralized cryptocurrencies and permissioned blockchain networks will not succeed and ever secure a fraction of bitcoin’s user base for a simple reason: the lack of decentralization and a Read More

India Drug “Cartel” Uses Bitcoins, Two Arrested: A Closer Look at Mainstream Media Libel

This week, Delhi Police accused two people of operating a drug ring, according to the Daily Mail India edition. Using the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, bitcoin, police were able to purchase 3,635 USD worth of illegal drugs on the dark web. It is claimed such an incident is “probably the first case in India.” Also Read More

Factors Behind Bitcoin’s Unprecedented Rally

Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on for just $39 per month. This article is written by Anupam Varshney. Anupam is co-founder of and has covered Bitcoin situation in various countries, including India, South Africa, and Canada.   Factors behind Bitcoin’s unprecedented rally With a price increase from $5,732 on October 28th to $7,457 on the 8th of November, Bitcoin has definitely Read More

Banco Central de India dice no a criptomonedas pero sí a blockchain

El Banco de la Reserva de la India (RBI) reafirmó nuevamente su postura sobre el uso de criptomonedas en una reunión de banqueros este 6 de noviembre, explicando que el banco no tiene intención de permitir su uso en el país. Source: BitIndia news feed Read More

Minan bloque de 1.6MB en la blockchain de Bitcoin usando SegWit

Un bloque de 1.6MB fue minado por el pool de minería Bitcoin India. El bloque de tamaño récord contenía un 13.5% de transacciones SegWit, lo cual permitió que alcanzara este tamaño. Source: BitIndia news feed Read More

Bjork to Embrace Cryptocurrency With Upcoming Album Launch

Icelandic musician and composer, Bjork, has sought to embrace cryptocurrencies with the release of her new album. Bjork’s ninth studio album, Utopia, will be made available for purchase using bitcoin, litecoin, dash, or audiocoin. Purchasers of the album will also receive 100 free Audiocoins – a little-known altcoin valued at less than $0.004 USD. Also Read More

Más de un millón de personas inscriptas en la “cripto-clase” online

El reportero tecnológico senior de CNBC, Ari Levy, detalla cómo la criptomoneda más popular del mundo, Bitcoin, con su explosión de aceptación y sus asombrosas valoraciones, ahora parece haber abierto un universo educativo completamente nuevo. Gracias a Bitcoin los cursos de criptografía no son sólo para doctores El profesor Dan Boneh del Laboratorio de Seguridad Read More

Music Festival Organisers in India Surprised by 1% of Total Sales in Bitcoin

Even while multiple news outlets report India’s government readying to close cryptocurrency exchanges, its population continues to make steady progress in adopting bitcoin.   Also read: As India’s Government Wars Against Cash, Bitcoin is Sought in Exchange Indian Government Panel to Curb Cryptos Several online regional news outlets claim a “government panel has advised the Centre Read More

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