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India to Shut Down Domestic Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Government Panel Advises

A government committee has recommended India’s authorities to take immediate steps to shut down the country’s cryptocurrency exchanges, saying that the use of bitcoins and its likes could result in a breach of anti-money laundering provisions, Indian financial news outlet The Economic Times said on Thursday, citing sources. Register now to the London Summit 2017,Continue Read More

Indian Mobile-Based Wallet and Exchange Provider Zebpay Announce One Million Downloads and Counting – NEWSBTC

According to their Twitter account, Indian wallet and exchange application Zebpay hit an impressive milestone of one million downloads last month. They also estimate an influx of 500,000 new users per month in 2018. Zebpay was launched in 2015 by trio of entrepreneurs, Mahin Gupta, Sandeep Goenka, and Saurabh Agrawal. They registered their company inContinue Read More

Saudi Arabia Regulators Not Looking to Regulate Bitcoin

The Saudi Arabian government has openly come out to say it is not considering regulating Bitcoin in the country. At a time when a lot of national governments are trying to hem the digital currency from growing, others are being careful not to get involved in regulating cryptocurrencies. However, there are those that want toContinue Read More and Unocoin Announce Fork Arrangements

This week two more exchanges revealed their plans for the upcoming Segwit2x fork this November. The London-based exchange explains that whether the company supports the split or not customers will receive split tokens if the fork takes place. Further, the Indian exchange Unocoin has revealed it will be supporting the chain with the most Read More

Chinese Meddling With Bitcoin Exchanges and ICOs Likely to Trigger “Cobra Effect”

The Chinese actions of banning ICOs and shutting down cryptocurrency exchanges may be with the intention of preventing ordinary Chinese citizens from incurring financial losses. They should, however, be wary of the Cobra Effect. The Cobra Effect? There is an interesting anecdote about the British rule of India. Worried about the large number of venomousContinue Read More