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New startups like Mytime want to pay for your attention and time in cryptocurrency

Click here to view original web page at The debate about the effects social networks like Facebook and Twitter have on us as human beings goes one. Indeed, just this week Facebook co-founder Sean Parker said “The thought process that went into building these applications, Facebook being the first of them, … was all Read More

SMEs Dismissed by the Banks, Beginning of the Era of P2P Finance

Click here to view original web page at Karma means your deeds. What you do to create value for yourself in this life and beyond. The real economy is comprised of the deeds of the people who constitute it. Somewhere along the line we’ve forgotten what the economy is all about. We’re lost in Read More

Crypto-Forex: Larson&Holz Launches LH Crypto, a Crypto Version of a Retail Broker

Click here to view original web page at Using crypto-currencies for payments is gaining more and more popularity—this instrument guarantees anonymity and maximum safety, which is important in our cyber fraud era. Introducing new functions and providing users with an opportunity to pay with crypto-currencies opens new horizons for the broker and paves their Read More

The Famous Broker Larson&Holz IT Ltd. Launches an ICO of a New Project

Business-congress in Moscow saw the presentation of an ICO with an ultimately new business idea—a crypto-version of a retail Forex broker Larson&Holz. Alexandr Smirnoff, the Head of the Trading Operations and Audit Department, L&H broker group, the Head of a TOP-20 trading guild and a well-known specialist in market technologies and financial consulting, gave a Read More

Saudi Arabia Regulators Not Looking to Regulate Bitcoin

The Saudi Arabian government has openly come out to say it is not considering regulating Bitcoin in the country. At a time when a lot of national governments are trying to hem the digital currency from growing, others are being careful not to get involved in regulating cryptocurrencies. However, there are those that want toContinue Read More