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Supreme Court of India Issues Notice to Reserve Bank Seeking Regulation of Bitcoin

The Supreme Court of India issued a notice on 13 November 2017 to the nation’s central bank and related financial ministries to hasten their regulatory mechanisms with regard to bitcoin. Concerns about cryptocurrency’s lack of central control and potential use for money laundering have sounded alarms throughout the country’s bureaucracies.  Also read: India Central Banker Doubles-Down Read More

Supreme Court intervenes in India’s cryptocurrency debate

To put an end to the ongoing ambiguity surrounding the legality of cryptocurrencies in India, a lawyer has sought the help of the Supreme Court to “regulate the flow” of digital currencies like BTC. Petitioner Dwaipayan Bhowmick submitted a public interest litigation (PIL) to the highest court in the country, asking the court to direct Read More

Writing on the wall for Bitcoin with the RBI’s Official Statement Against it

Until today, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in India have operated within a legal gray area. There has been no official stance on their usage by the government. A Director of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) however, made a public statement on the subject in Mumbai on November 6. The Executive Director of the RBI, Read More

Unocoin Clarifies its Position on the SegWit2x Altcoin Chain

More and more companies openly voice their concerns on SegWit2x. It is evident there are some tough decisions to be made in this regard. Even though not everyone may agree with all companies, exchanges are announcing their stance well in advance. UnoCoin, one of India’s leading exchanges, will support the chain with the majority of Read More

India’s National Internet Registry Breach, Data Spotted On Darknet

Over 6,000 businesses in India have been reportedly breached by an unknown cyber criminal. The enterprise arm of IT security firm Quick Heal, Seqrite claimed they spotted over 6,000 sensitive information of organizations including service providers, banks and government put up on the Darknet for sale. According to the information, the nation’s internet registry was Read More

Hacker Advertises India National Internet Registry Database

Two security companies, Seqrite’s Cyber Intelligence Labs and seQtree InfoServices noticed an advertisement on a darknet forum for access to a database (a dump, not live access) that belonged to India’s National Internet Registry. The data breach impacted more than 6,000 internet service providers, government entities, and private companies. As of now, it looks as Read More

India Trials a Power Grid on the Blockchain to Incentivize Sustainable Energy

Access to reliable energy is the foundation of economic development and human society. Yet reliable energy can come at a steep environmental cost. Today’s energy systems are being rapidly reexamined and transformed by both private businesses and public organizations. Innovation coupled with changing policy and consumer demands has prompted The World Economic Forum’s System Initiative Read More

Crypto-Communication is Here with the BitVault

Embedded Downloads of Ireland, and VVDN Technologies, India, are set to become the producers of the world’s first crypto-communicator. Known as BitVault, the unit will work on all existing networks and will incorporate advanced blockchain security features. It appears the device will first be available for the fintech and defence market in November. The companies Read More